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Conical Reaction Vessel

by holding the expertise acheived over the years, we are able to prove ourselve as a Conical Reaction Vessel Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai. Thanks to our competent professionals, recent technology and latest machines, we manufacture the best quality. The Raw material which is used in manufacture ring this Conical vessels is purchased from authorised vendor after completion of Quality assessment.

Details :

  • We manufacture bottom conical Reaction Vessel from 50 Ltrs to 30 KL in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel SS 304 or SS 316. conical Reaction Vessel consist of a Cylindrical vertical shell with Top dish end & bottom conical with body flange on top dish.
  • A Jacket or Limpet coil is provided on the shell and is similar to Jacketed or Limpet Coil Reactor except there is top dish with drive system.
  • This is designed to give best maintenance and trouble free performance. The Agitator shaft is combined to reduction gear box with removable coupling. The Reduction Gear Box is mounted on the Top of the Lantern Assembly and is driven by Motor using V belt pulley. The Agitator shaft is combined to reduction gear box with movable coupling
  • Four lugs support are provided on the Shell of the reactor to mount it on the Platform of the Factory. Platform can also be prefabricated and assembled at site.
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